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Sling use on M1

I want to shoot my M1 in "As Issued" matches. I got the cotton web sling, since that seems contemporary and better than the WW2 leather sling. I also know this sling well since we had it on M16's once upon a time.

Will a tight sling affect my POI?

What's the best way to use a sling in a service rifle match?

I was trained to loop one end around my bicep and tighten the buckle hear the muzzle, but that was with smallbore using a Springfield or Remington 40XB. The Army did not teach sling use with the M16.

I think the hasty sling seems a bit more stable, but since match shooters don't do that, there must be a reason.

I used a hasty sling in ARNG M16 matches, but these were combat style matches that involved rapid position changes. I also put minimum tension on the sling, since it would shift POI or broaden my grps. I deemed it a tradeoff though
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