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It may be one's right not to get training (beyond anything required by government). But if someone makes that choice
unfortunately, that's what I see a lot of at these classes... I guess I don't know how many actually carry, since I don't personally know all the attendees...

but if you remember the "gun marches" after the last school shooting & the government's knee jerk reaction, the news was full of accidental shootings at the rally's & gun shows that weekend... may have been highly "sensationalized" but... unsafe, uneducated gun owners, make it easy for the news to make us ( as a group ) look like a bunch of careless idiots...

I guess this is my problem, IMO, if we are "forced" to take a class, I don't want careless or uneducated people passing the class, then showing up in the news, making me look like an idiot to my neighbors...
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