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IS he (link above) trying to say that Midway can't get its supply of 22 rimfire because someone is getting the ammo before them. That sounds, shall we say very unlikely.

Well southjk that explains it better than a break in the supply line, you buy it the minute it is available.

I'd think that the major suppliers manufacturers should communicate with their customers through the websites etc. AND tell us that they are producing as much as always and someone like midway should tell their customers that they are selling as much as ever.

Instead of this BS with them just putting up an out of stock notice on their inventories

And further I'd hazard to say that the suppliers like Midway are enjoying this frenzy and they want people hitting their websites looking for out-of-stock items because we might also buy something else that we don't need, like a gunsling, some miscellaneous crap.

They are purposely leaving us in the dark, so as to sell more of their crap.

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