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My M1 has ammo issues

Got a box of 150 gr American Eagle ammo to zero my M1 with. The local range doesn't permit M2. AE ammo is made by Federal and this stuff is not labeled as M1 specific, as some ammo is.

The stuff shot OK and ejected, but didn't always rechamber. The resident gunsmith, who also shoots M1's
says its the fault of the ammo.

I also note the original zero on the rifle was pretty low. The rifle has a Dymo label rack number on it, so if it went from the ARNG to CMP with an overhaul unnecessary, its possible it may have had the same zero.

The gunsmith said this AE stuff is less powerful than M2 and gives less pressure, hence the failure to rechamber.

Will all civilian ammo be this bad?

I know I should avoid heavy bullets or I'll bend the operating rod.

Should I invest in an adjustable gas port?

Is the adjustable gas port legal for "As Issued" competition?
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