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Why can't the suppliers Natchez, Midsouth, Midway, whomever tell us when they suspect to be supplied with ammo, particularly 22 rimfire. What the manufacturers don't know? Who the hell are managing these companies?
They are resupplied on a regular basis. The problem is the minute they put ammo online it is gone. I see it over and over. I monitor a couple of websites that keep up to the minute data on stores ammo stock. As soon as something comes up that I want at a decent price I'll click over and buy. Quite often I can't even get through the order process before they are out of stock again. I've been able to get about 1500 9mm and 2500 .22 as well as 38 and 357 in the last couple of months. It is out there but you have to be quick.

And we are the problem, not the gubmint. I have been just as much of the problem as everyone else. I've been stocking up because it's been so hard to find. It's been so hard to find because everyone is stocking up.
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