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My two favorite blades are a 4 1/2" Buck skinning knife and my 13 1/2" Hisshou. I have Bowie's but find them heavy for their size and not as handy to use in a reflex dictated situation. I worked with dagger fighters using one knife and 2 knife techniques and them ding dongs were nuts. They didn't mind getting cut as long as the other guy bled more than they did. They decided I was not nice and to rough because while they were displaying their fancy knife moves and dance steps I would bull rush them and stick them in the solar plexus with my rubber knife. Apparently I didn't respect their traditions enough. That being said watching them work out is one of the reasons I find movie knife fights hilarious, they should have had these guys doing their fight scenes. Sicilians in Long Beach California, what a bunch and I'm glad we got along with each other.

My Marine partner was more like me except I was the white gorilla and he was the black Mongoose. His words not mine. He would stick fight with me and wrestle with me but wouldn't box. Roughest day I ever had and the sorest I have ever been was cane training with an Englishman who sat in our night stick training and then he took over. He worked up a nice sweat and 20 of us SP's and MP's walked out of the gym battered, exhausted and humbled. Single best training session I ever had and I am so happy I never had to fight anybody like him for real.
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