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Yeah, that's a good option I hadn't thought of. Is it true that you don't have to trim your cases after going to AI? I heard that, but it doesn't seem like it would be true.

There is one downsize to 243AI apparently.. I just checked prices of those dies and they are about 3x what I paid for my .260 and .30-06 dies!

You don't have to trim your cases because they all come out way short of max length. You blow the case out from tapered to almost perfectly straight and the shoulder goes from something like 27 to 40 degrees. You can picture it in your head, all that difference comes out of the length.

You only need two dies sets, a regular Lee collet die set for 243Win, which MidWayUSA has for $29.99 and a Redding 243AI body die, which has for $31.

Originally Posted by taylorce1
I'm getting nearly 3200 FPS with the 105 A-Max and nearly 3000 FPS with the Sierra 107's with a standard .243. I don't know if an AI will go much faster than that and I really doubt it will be 200 FPS faster. The nice thing about the AI is that the cases will last longer due to far less case stretch.
Hard to say without barrel lengths but 3,200 with 105 A-Max is way beyond published data I see for a 24" barrel. That's like 85-90gr speed.

Anyway, the 243AI formed case will hold more powder than the 243Win case. More powder equals more velocity. It might be 50fps with one bullet and 200 with another but it's more and there's really no downside, except slightly less barrel life, in theory, and case life is better.

Originally Posted by Jim Watson
Rather than 243. AI, a friend went 6mm Rem.
That makes up into a very nice rifle.
Also a fine round, but I'd still go to the AI version.
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