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Mauser question w/pics

I just bought a Mauser .308 cal with a turned down bolt. I know it's a conversion I just need to know what model it is. It has no markings that I can find yet. There is a large bolt through the fore-end like Ive seen on other rifles. The shop where I got it didn't know what model as they had 2 in 308 and both were different. The magazine follower has a taper at the rear so that after the last round you can still close the bolt without depressing the follower, the other mauser didn't have that. The rear sights were both different wood hand guard in front and behind the rear sight and no bolt at the rear of the stock and the other didn't have the bolt through the stock and the magazine bases were different. The Front sight on mine has a circular guard open on the top. Any idea what it is? Or how I can tell what it is.

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