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Loading blanks.

If you use a crimp die you will not be able to get more than a couple of loadings. The crimp will get brittle and break of causing a projectile. Not good. The way i load my practice blanks .Primed 45 cal blank case has an over sized primer hole. Prime put in powder Place a paper wad over powder . I use my seater die. compress down a little ways. Top off withe some elmers glue. Let dry. I have cases I have loaded over 15 times. I use a 454 wad cutter from buffalo arms.No ammo at sanction matches are reloads. Not aloud by cmsa sass or msa. old playing cards make great wads. Sanction ammo cannot break a balloon past 20 ft. Unless you are rich It does not make since to load once and throw away the brass. Unless you are shooting rifle class the the case needs to be crimped so it will feed. 10 years exp of loading my own on the cheap.I will go through 40 to 80 rnds per practice session once a week.
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