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Grump: In a year or so I might be stepping up to a full caliber 1911. I'll write down your advice and keep it well in hand, thank you. My weapon is optimized for high velocity rounds, so that narrows it down. Once .22lr supplies return to normal I'll start experimenting with different grains. Thank you.

John: I was curious about the effect distance would have on sighting with a handgun versus a rifle, thank you for addressing that. I'll be a little less paranoid now.

sfmedic: After some thinking time I came to the same conclusion regarding, "the weapon is more accurate to the shooter until proven otherwise." It's good to hear it verified by someone else's experience. I'm in the process of finding both a good bench, and an instructor before I go too much further. Especially before I start jumping for modified or replacement sights. Thank you for the diagram. I learn visually, so having something to look at in regards to how sights work helps me get another angle on the concept.

Grump: I have a revolver that I've had to do some finagling with as well. With fixed sight firearms a little monkeying makes sense to me.
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