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If you register with nssa can you shoot at clubs you are not a member of if it's a nssa shoot?
Yes, gun clubs want to encourage competitive shooters, and as long as the tournament isn't sold out (at full capacity) all NSSA members are welcome. There some shoots that are restricted to shooters from certain areas (like a state or zone championship) or ability (AA/AAA only). Also, most NSSA member clubs will allow guests to shoot practice rounds if fields are available.

You don't register with NSSA, you join it like any other club. It's the tournament targets that are registered, as opposed to practice targets. A typical weekend tournament consists of four 100-target events shot with .410-bore, 28, 20 and 12-ga. guns. It's not uncommon for new shooters to compete with only one gauge (you can shoot a 20-ga. in a 12-ga. event). Also, many clubs participate in the NSSA's league programs (similar to a bowling league where you shoot a few rounds every week). As Method mentioned, the NSSA's website is full of information.
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