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How much clearence is there over the top of the barrel when looking down the sights? If the hammer sight notch is above the barrel a bit you can easily take a jeweler's file (or better yet, a Dremel) and cut the rear notch a little bit lower to in essence, lower the rear sight to bring the POI down. If there is enough clearence I will grind the top of the hammer down as well as deepening the notch to further lower the rear sight. I've "cured" a bunch of Colt's revolvers from shooting too high that way. You can also cut the notch a little bit over to one side in order to correct a minor windage problem. If you have a major windage problem then a taller dovetailed front sight is in order to correct for both elevation and windage.
If the line of sight is in line with the top of the barrel you are screwed and can only put a taller front sight on. The Dragoon is a blade which isn't too difficult.
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