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Originally Posted by adamc
The Gov. Malloy I'm sure will soon loose patience, (His own committee has stalled and has asked for more information.) and will institute his own agenda under the guise of emergency powers and the like.

The antis here are still in full swing
And it would appear that the CT State Police are right in the thick of it.

[Dons tinfoil hat]

Back on March 17 the NY Daily News reported that the commanding officer of the CT State Police attended a national conference of state police commanders in New Orleans, at which he gave a presentation explaining that the shooter had spent years planning the massacre, and that the shooter had compiled a huge spreadsheet of statistics on other mass killings. The theory espoused was that the shooter DIED regard it like a video game. The spreadsheet was the score column, and the motive was to run up a high enough kill count to put himself at the top of the list.

That's what the Colonel told his colleagues in New Orleans. BUT ... it was supposed to be super-duper-uber secret. The article was written because an attendee blabbed to the reporter, and the CT Colonel was very unhappy about the leak. It seems the CT State Police have not -- repeat NOT -- shared any of this information either with the Governor's task force on "gun violence" or with the legislative bi-partisan committee that's trying to work out the new gun laws.

(Link to article: )

One might think that the people specifically charged with making recommendations that affect the constitutional rights of every person in Connecticut should be given this information but, even after it became public knowledge about the New Orleans presentation the CT State Police have refused to release any information either to the Governor's task force or to the legislature.


One suggestion is that the CT State Police just don't like "civilians" to have guns. It is well known in Connecticut that for a number of years the State Police went to the legislature every year and tried to get the law changed so that open carry would not be legal even with a permit. The State Police claimed the law was "vague" and "unclear" on the subject. In fact, the law is neither vague nor unclear -- the CT permit is a permit to carry, and nowhere does the law require that carry to be concealed. Ergo: open carry is legal. The State Police don't like that, so they have pretended for years that the says something else. After getting their wrists slapped in court enough times, they then started trying to change the law.

They're probably back this year. I can't help thinking that they are withholding important information from the lask force and from the law makers because they (the State Police) know the information doesn't help support draconian anti-gun legislation, so they'd rather that the information not see the light of day until after the draconian laws have been enacted.

[/tinfoil hat]
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