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.Does that per-round cost include the full price of the Starline brass, or are you dividing that up between a certain number of loadings?
It assumes a certain number of reloadings per case. I don't have access to my spreadsheet where I keep track of all my expenses and data, but the following is pretty close to the per round breakdown: Precision Delta 230 gn fmj rn $.13, CCI #300 primer $.03, 5.1 gn of VV N-320 $.02, brass $.02 for a total per round cost of $.20. My last purchase of brass was from Starline. Got 1000 45 acp for $156 including shipping. So the per round cost of $.02 assumes I use each case eight times. I hope to get more than that. I figure I am saving between 50% and 60% over factory target ammo and I have noticed an improvement in the accuracy of my reloaded ammo over the factory stuff I was using. The bullet is obviously the biggest expense and you can get this cost down considerably if you go to lead bullets which I have not done yet. I have some 38 sp lswc on order from Missouri Bullet to try out in my wheel gun to get my feet wet with lead. Also you can get cheaper powder but the per round difference is maybe half a penny or less. Granted, it adds up over time and many thousands of rounds, but not a big factor.
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