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I'm not a brand snob... I own home builds on DPMS lowers but I still agree with you.
someday I hope to have a nice top tier AR like a Seekins Precision(since they are local) but for now, mine do everything I need them for...
Home build are some of the best AR's I'v had too.

I am no means a brand snob, one of my favorite AR's to beat on was a bone stock Stag that was fed a healthy diet of steel cased ammo and never missed a beat.

I generally use BCM on most my rifles because of a few things. I like the quality, I like the price, $400 for a complete upper is very reasonable for a full mil-spec upper. Above all however, they have AMAZING customer service.

I am a paperwork jockey for a gun-smith shop and I deal constantly with different MFG's for warranty work and what have you, plus industry deals and pro-staff shoots. I get to see the good the bad and the ugly, mostly its the bad and the ugly because if its warranty work, someone got a brand new gun with issues, it happens to all makes, EVEN GLOCKS.

However any personal dealings I have done with BCM have been great. Anything I order that doesn't need to go to my FFL is literally on my door-step two or three days after I ordered it. Generally when ordering an upper its packed well, well lubricated, and I get a free hat, stickers, posters, and I have a few DVD's by Travis Haley and Pat Rodgers on AR training. Pretty cool for just ordering your standard upper.

I am a big fan of Travis Haley, and when I first saw news of the BCM HSP JACK Carbine rifle, I decided I just had to have one to same something a little different. I messaged Haley Strategic via email and received a quick response when the order form would go live for the Rifle. It went live the very same day the tragedy at Newtown happened. I got back from the post office after sending out the order form and heard the news. Originally the rifle was suppose to ship by Feb 1st. With in a week I got an email from BCM explaining they have my order, my rifle is being built, however since people were ordering parts in hoards it will take an estimated 4 more months to build it. I said that was fine since I already owned a few AR's. Long story short I emailed back and forth with one of the CS Reps at BCM quite a few times, and they would contact me first, with any updates to my order. Low and behold my phone went off one morning about 2 months earlier than I expected with the tracking number for my rifle. It was at my FFL the very next day. I have been more than pleased with BCM over numerous transactions and I love their product even more, so I don't try to be a snob about it. I have recomended and sold tons of Stags and various other builds. However I love the service and product I received from BCM.
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