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I will offer a challenge to any AK user. Bring your Ak and 500 rounds, I'll bet I'll get more rounds on a man size target at 100 yards faster and without malfunctions with my Un modified AR.

This an open challenge to any AK user.
This is agreat challenge Kraig.

I would just be careful if a hardcore AK guy challenges you to bring your AR to a challenge involving lots mud, sand, and no lube/maintenance for 1k+ rounds... with steel cased ammo.

I have been a big AR15 guy for a while and love that weapon system. Great ergo's, versatility, and accuracy. But even I can even understand the limitations of each system. I've recently just gotten into the world of AK's and also respect that platform.

The way I see it, they are Different tools that both offer great advantages (and some minor disadvantages).

HK, you make some great points too. But IMO there's nothing wrong with choosing an AK for SHTF scenario as much as an AR. I really have not had trouble stocking up on 7.62 ammo at all; its even available locally now in my LGS while I still cannot find 223 ammo anywhere in stock except online.

Weight is a personal issue. Of course 7.62 is heavier per round, but I would admit its also heavier hitting than a 5.56. Each caliber has its pro's and con's so choose your battles wisely, so to speak. If you prefer a lighter load-out then the 5.56/223 would be the better choice. But I really don't have an issue carrying the same amount of 7.62 if it came to that. A smaller/weaker person might be better off with 5.56.

I was really biased before against AK's and only loved AR's. But after doing some research on AK's and shooting them, I can see their appeal.

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