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I also think it was FBI research that showed the typical shooting incident occurring at very close range, involving the expenditure of two or three rounds, and lasting something like five seconds.
Stats mean nothing if you ARE THE ONE who is at 25 yards, shooting all five or six in something like 1 second! The one call that gave me shivers is when a dispatcher sent me on a call, prefaced with the comment, "No Weapons!" I then knew to expect Browning 50 cal machineguns, Gernade launchers and more!

Nothing happens as planned or as the stats show ... trust me on this...

Otherwise I agree with the rest of your perspective.

I have said this before, and lived this before. Off duty cops and civilian superheros will most likely carry a superlight gun as an everyday carry gun, but, and there always is but in life, let a bad guy with a gun or knife show up on the scene and they want a 500 S&W instead!

"If Ands and Buts were Candy and Nuts, everyday would be like Christmas"

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