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The L1A1 SLR was my first personal weapon in the British Army and many of us old and bold still have a special place in our hearts for it. It is an accurate, reliable and rugged rifle. I would imagine the adjustable gas regulator would endear it to people who reload their own ammunition.

I've used the FN FAL original and I liked the simplicity of the flip over rearsight.

We got rid of the SLR because it was getting difficult to maintain, because they were old and worn out. We replaced it with the SA80 that took 15 years to sort out; it that took Heckler & Koch to modify it to make the thing reliable.

I like the G3, but I always found the back of the receiver hit me under the eye when I fired it! One thing I also observed about the G3 is that its ejector puts a dent into the ejected cases, which may upset you shooters who reload. For me as a soldier it wasn't an issue, but it always irritated me that it threw ejected cases everywhere!

The nice things about the G3 are:
  • It's made by HK
  • The cocking handle is chunky
  • Sights are superb
  • Its strongly built - it'll last

I dislike the M-14 and I haven't fired a lot of it; it always struck me that they'd placed a military rifle inside a hunting rifle stock. I often wondered why, after replacing the M1 Garand, they didn't take the opportunity to redesign the stock...
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