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Funny, I didn't actually think it was an interesting question until reading some of the responses.

A couple of thoughts, particularly wrt to those that rule out Glock because of its Austrian roots. Consider this, what's the 'rifle of the PLO?' I'd say ak47. Indeed, you could fill in the blank of 'what's the gun of the _______ revolution' and you'd have a good chance of filling in the AK47. In fact, the flag of Mozambique has the ak actually on the flag. Whether a gun is made in the country or not I don't think should be the deciding factor.

Now, that said, we've had a good number of well made handguns, and in careful consideration of the various criteria, I've decided that the one true answer to this question is .... (drum roll)

Smith and Wesson K frame 38.

Ok, next question?
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