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I called Les Baer the other day to describe the issues I was having with my Monolith Heavyweight. After describing the issue to the lady who answered the phone, she asked me to hold for a moment and transferred the call. Much to my surprise, the person who answered said "Hello. This is Les.". I heard that their service is incredble, but I must say that I was very surprised to get the owner of the company on the line.

After listening to my description of the problem, he asked me what type of ammo I was using and how many rounds I had through the gun. He told me that Winchester White Box is typically loaded pretty light and that more powerful cartridges would not have that problem. He then told me the gun would loosen up after another couple hundred rounds. He was very nice to deal with and I like that he took the time to answer a concern about one of his products.

While Les Baer guns aren't cheap, I will say they are worth what they charge.
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