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Draw was easy and fast. Despite the fact that the J hooks are wide enough for a full size belt, the High Noon Rock Steady I wear and the general issue law enforcement trousers belt she was wearing kept the gun right where we put it.

Yes, I agree, the Double Jeopardy looks better on her…but I ain’t givin’ it up! This is a very comfortable holster, and I will be playing with the adjustments for some time to get that just right angle and height…because I can. I love a holster that gives me so many options coupled with an iron clad reputation.

But I digress; there are a few more features you should see, such as this high speed/low drag molded and stitched in place sight track.

That’s just too awesome – no matter what style of carry sights you have, this rig will make sure they aren’t bothered.
Look at the back, note the rough out leather for retention, and see something else.

That sweat shield is thick enough to be medieval armor! Since I will be carrying this in Arizona summers that will be very important – steel and salt sweat generally don’t get along very well.
Also note the tensioning screw right behind the holster body, to give the perfect retention that YOU want, not that some cheapo nylon rig maker feels you should have. Stitching is doubled and heavy duty – this rig is meant to last. Some people may gripe at the price, but I will say it flat – with this many options, the Double Jeopardy is more holster than you will get almost anywhere else, no matter the price tag. Simply put, it’s worth it.
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