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High Noon Double Jeopardy IWB rig review

When I got a sly e-mail from a deep cover unnamed source behind the wire at the fortified High Noon Holster facility to tip me the wink that something was coming, I knew it must be good. High Noon makes the best quality leather I’ve found anywhere, and this had to be even better, as it was said to be different from anything else they had done. Considering the wide variety of incredible rigs I’ve gotten from High Noon, that was saying something!
The usual Big Brown Truck pulled up, and the UPS guy handed me the box, smiling…did he know, too?

This is one slick looking rig, let me tell you. Tell me, do you see something odd?

Yes, the clips DO look a little odd, don’t they? Let’s get right to the heart of the name, why this sexy leather rig is called the Double Jeopardy. See, the clips can be inset for a regular IWB rig, and with J hooks – far superior to the cheaper regular clips you find on, *shudder*, nylon rigs. But the clips on this particular holster do not look the same…au contraire, my friend; they are simply set up differently to show off the Double Jeopardy’s unique aspect – “To tuck, or not to tuck, THAT is the question!”
That’s right, the clips can be unscrewed, (with effort, they are designed to not move after being adjusted, so you need a little elbow grease to get them to move), and adjusted along the length of 6 holes in the front and 5 in the rear for the perfect angle and ride height for you, but also, can be slipped in the little slot provided to give a normal profile IWB rig, (on the left),or screwed OUTSIDE, as shown on the right, for use as tuckable rig! That’s right, versatile and practical at the same time – I tend to appreciate things like that.

Now to the other important stuff – holster fit. Here it is with my venerable CZ P-01 9mm pistol, riding inside.

The fit is perfect, as if it had been broken in like some cheaper models must be. The gun snapped in and stayed right where it was supposed to, but gave a smooth draw. Here is a good friend of mine trying the Double Jeopardy at our local outdoor range,

She had never used an inside the waistband rig before in her life, but instantly fell in love with the Double Jeopardy, and told me that when she gets her P-01, she’s going to get this rig, too.

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