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I am up for new and innovative.

It already have bought a Rhino if the darn thing had been made by a better manufacturer. I know that sounds funny but the only model of the Rhino that seems to be problem free is the 2" DAO model called the 200D. That doesn't mean the DS models are all bad, just that they all have several guns in their model range with reported issues.

I would love to see the same concepts taken to a semiauto and I have tried to figure out just how you would pull it off and the only thing that comes to mind is the top mounted magazine designs similar to the FN PS-90. It's either that or mount the mag forward like the old Mausers. Perhaps a rotary mag like Ruger's 10/22 would do the trick

The other problem is when you drop the slide (in line with the barrel), to bring it in-line with the wrist you no longer can have that slide moving back and forth to cycle the action. Maybe "fix" the slide to the frame and cycle the barrel and receiver forward ?

Problem is, I have no trouble imagining the barrel and all moving forward with the shot, it's what you have to do to get the next round stripped from the mag and chambered that boggles a bit unless you fix the mag to the receiver. But that makes for much more mass having to be cycled/moved by the recoil/gas mechanism.
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