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You are very welcome lemmon. These days we all need to stay on top of what is going on in Washington as much as possible because we know what the intent and desires of some would do to us if we stand back in the shadows and allow it to happen.
KyJim, I am not an attorney nor am I a constitutional scholar so please accept my response as that of nothing more than a hard working, honest, and reasonable man. My thoughts on your example are this: child pornography laws do not violate the first amendment because the child is not of legal age to consent to participate in such activities ergo the child is a victim of, not a participant in, child pornography. The reasonable man in me would ask when the last time was that anyone saw a five year old (for example) who wanted to participate in such activities? Personally I have yet to encounter one.
Violations of our second amendment rights would leave us as the victim. Although we are of age to make our own legally binding decisions, I highly doubt very many of us in the present company would willfully choose to obliterate our own freedoms. However I have definitely been wrong before so all I can say is that, if asked whether I wanted to relinquish my 2nd amendment rights willfully, the answer would be a resounding NO.
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