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XS Big Dot's..

What do you guys think about XS Big Dots?

XS Big Dot

I'm curious to know peoples assessment of these sights. I can't really fully commit to something that I don't know. I don't have the patience to be changing night sights at random. I am very curious about these.

I feel like they are easy to acquire on a quick draw. But in my experiences you don't necessarily use your sights if you're doing a quick draw to engage and fire. It's draw, point, and shoot.

Here's where I am held back from buying them.

I feel like with something like Trijicon HD's (which I have) you have the best of both worlds. Precision of the notch / 3-dot sights. With the front sight being nice and bright.

With XS (or so it appears to me) you only have close quarter precision. Along with a faster sight picture in transitioning between targets.

I'm considering them for a CCW. Specifically my Glock 19. I'm getting a new Slide and barrel from Glock. So might as well search for new sights.

So what's your take on XS's big dots? Use them? Used them? Love them? Hate them?
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