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the problem is with the case head size and pressure. you can get a 45-70 in a contender barrel but the pressure is low enough that it isn't a problem. you take the 357 max which is a high pressure round but the small case head size and that is not a problem. you take the 243 case head size and high pressure you will have a problem. a contender barrel is .812 diameter and subtract the .473 head size and that leaves the chamber walls quite thin. if your barrel manages to survive that over a period of time , the chances are very good that you will bend the hinge pin and that is another real bad thing. I have seen bent hinge pins from people that shot a LOT of heavy recoiling 44 mag , 30-30 and 357 Herrett loads. My opinion is that the contender ain't quite as strong as everybody makes it out to be and should rely more on just having the longer barrel for the increased performance.

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