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That's interesting, Old Grump, because I completely disagree with you.

The cleaver is designed to cleave, using either momentum or a rocking pressure. It is only a threat in one direction, more or less.

The skillet relies purely on blunt force, and requires some room to travel in order to be a threat.

A good knife is a threat at the point, in one direction; but its blade is designed to cut by slicing, and it doesn't require much relative speed in order to inflict a deep cut - and since its travel is easily reversed, it's a threat in multiple directions.

Having practiced thousands of counters vs different weapon types, blunt weapons are the simplest to counter - don't try to block, per se, just step inside the arc, right up to the wielder, where the inside radius doesn't allow much speed on the weapon; unidirectional threat types such as cleavers are the next simplest; but knives can be a real pain.
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