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Fixed barrel on defense model! They lost me there thats lame
It is what it is. Here is a review on it:

as I said above

3. you do know that the barrel lug prevents you from adding a tube extension, without getting a barrel with a corresponding relocated lug, then you can't use the old ones with the new mag tube on....
that is part of the reason for a fixed barrel, the other is rigidity. The screwed in, fixed barrrels are a lot more rigid for a home defense type scenerio.

Also, if you
put together a frankengun built off another receiver
pay attention to what I said about the threads, otherwise you can get into the situation in which I was given, yes given a 16ga barrel (brand new) because it was bought for a receiver that had the old thread style and the barrel had the new one. It was cut down to 20" before that fact was discovered and couldn't be returned. It turned into a 225.00 mistake.

also keep in mind, that the old style barrels are valuable because they aren't made anymore and usually sell for 150.00 US dollars plus, and new ones are 200.00 US dollars plus

also if you buy an old style receiver and do find a barrel, then you need to ship it to a gunsmith who understands Ithacas as the barrels need to be fitted to the receiver, the old style are not interchangeable.

of the 10 Ithacas I have, 2 are fixed barrel Deerslayers, 2 are the newer style threads and 6 are the old style. None of the barrels on the old style will even start in the other gun's receivers

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