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I just got an order in that weighed 57 pounds and contained 4 8# jugs and one sleeve of 5000 209 primers. We couldn't get the second sleeve because the weight would have been over the max of 70#

How do you get $.58/brick of primers?
A brick of primers (1000 count) weighs less than a pound, so I'm not sure how you hit the weight limit with only 32 pounds of powder and 5,000 primers. That should come in around 40#, even with the packing material & box.

My calculation was dividing a HAZMAT fee of $27.50 by 48 pounds, which I believe is the maximum weight for a single HAZMAT fee. I said 70 pounds earlier, but I was confusing the HAZMAT max weight with the USPS Priority Mail max weight.

So, $27.50 divided by 48 pounds is about $.57 per pound extra cost from the HAZMAT fee. Yes, that's a little bit low, since the box and the plastic jugs will weigh something, but it's in the ballpark.
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