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As far as I know, no one has tried to make a pistol like that, so far.

As noted before, the problems with that are several, but except for one, more a matter of perception than reality.

First, there is the matter of sheer physical size. Putting the magazine ahead of the grip (and the chamber ahead of the magazine), and then adding a useful length barrel, AND building the thing big enough to handle a major magnum caliber and you are almost up to the length of a carbine with a folded stock. And nearly up to the weight.

The primary advantage to a magnum handgun (auto or revolver) for hunting is that they while bigger than "ordinary" handguns, they are still considerably smaller and lighter than rifles.

Look at the AR and AK "pistols". That is about what you would wind up with, although if designed from scratch, rather than using a cut down rifle as the base, it should be slightly smaller and lighter.

With more conventional pistols out there that currently do the job pretty well, your market would be very limited.

Also lots of people would be telling the world how useless the pistol would be, just like the currently do to magnum auto loaders. (see some of the comments in this thread for example)

The other major hurdle to making and selling a magnum handgun built like the C96 Mauser or Tec-9 is the government today. The original 94 AWB defined pistols that take a magazine anywhere other than in the grip as assault weapons. The several states that copied the federal law feel the same way. And the state laws did NOT sunset. I did note that the new NY law made a specific exemption for the .22 cal Olympic match pistols that their original AWB law did not.

SO, besides all the BS it will stir up with the anti's, if your planned magnum auto pistol uses a detatchable magazine, ahead of the grip, you automatically will not be able to sell it in several states.

Also there is language in those laws that if you can hold the pistol forward of the grip (and it may not have to be a specific forwaerd grip, a heat shield on the barrel makes it an assault weapon) then its a no-no as well.
And that is assuming no MORE gun control laws are passed.

All in all, the deck is stacked against it.
All else being equal (and it almost never is) bigger bullets tend to work better.
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