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I got cornered by this elderly gentleman, wearing a Korean Veteran ball cap, with a slew of campaign ribbons pinned to it, and he proceeded to inform me that the reasons we weren't doing so hot was that we(being the military) had ditched the M-14 and M-1 Garand.
this was the sentiment among a lot of vietnam vets that did not like the prospect of trading wood for plastic, steel for aluminum and 30 cal which had been the US standard since the turn of the century for a 22 caliber round, they just felt like they were being forced to hand in their weapons and exchange them for toys. it didn't help that the military made a number of changes to the stoner design which caused serious problems early in the war. most of the guys that still maintain that the M16/M4 are a poor choice haven't seen seen what a modern stoner rifle can be.
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