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I gladly sold my FiveseveN Pistol and PS90 last year. Even before the shooting in CT, 5.7X28 was so scarce and so damn expensive for such a "eh" round that I traded 'em off.

My M&P 15 22 is every bit as fun to shoot as the PS90 was, except that I don't whince everytime I send a round down range with dollar signs rolling in my eyes.

The pistol was loud but very low recoil, and I guess that if I really wanted that kind of a thrill, I'd drop $700-$800 on the $300 KelTec PMR 30, which is about 3/4 of the price of a FiveseveN pistol at MSRP.

The debates will never end between the .22 Mag and the 5.7 X 28...all I can tell you is that at least .22 Mag is at least slightly more available and significantly cheaper than 5.7 X 28.

Count your lucky stars that you decided to pass on that gun. IF you had the chance to buy one 2 months ago for that price, you'd have been better to buy it and turn it around at a great profit.
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