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Do yourself a favor and go fondle a Walther PPQ. Do it.

I've owned a few Glocks and one XD. They both operated well. The PPQ has better ergos and shoots dead nuts...blows the two others away. The only gripe others have with it is that it doesn't come stock with night sights. Its not my bedstand gun, so I don't care.

Additionally, if you were loving the SIG and just happened to miss out on it at your LGS, find another one. A P226 will out shoot a Glock and/or XD any day.

If you are now wanting a striker-fired polymer ubergun, you need to look no further than the PPQ.

For those familiar with Larry Vickers, he is associated with Glock, HK, and Wilson Combat. Do a Google search with "Vickers Walther PPQ" and you will be led to a forum where Vickers has been singing the praises of the stock trigger, most accurate out of the box gun he's ever had.

That's alot to be said by a guy whose shows and clinics are sponsored by every other company than Walther and who has been a big part of designing some of HK's foremost firearms.
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