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What you need to read are the actual court opinions. I provided the citation to Nunn, 1 Ga. 243 (1846), and the Georgia Supreme in Nunn upheld the Georgia law banning concealed carry. And in Nunn, the Georgia Supreme Court ruled specifically (at pg 251, emphasis in original):
I concur but the point of my post was to show that gun control has been with us for 200 years and Georgia's fix of 1877 still left part of the public in the cold. I was pointing out that certain guns could not be sold and that was overturned. You are concentrating on the concealed carry portion. I admit you are right on that and it is just one of many reasons why I say there are no good gun control laws because they will always be discriminatory and only inconvenience the good people not the criminals.

Shall we discuss the Kentucky law now?
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