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The .220 Swift and .22-250 are about 1000x more useful than the .204.
While 1000X might be stretching it and your velocity numbers are off I'm with ya on the .22-250 being better. Same trajectory out to 300 yards and better thump beyond that.

The .204 has 3 "possible" advantages: #1 would be less recoil, #2 is that the .204 is readily available in AR's and #3 only applies if you have a hidden stash numbering in the 1000's of small rifle primers.

I think the .17 wsm will make a decent yote gun in areas where centerfires aren't always allowed.
Whether it's decent or not is yet to be determined, I'm not convinced (heck not sold on the .204 for yotes yet), but regardless it will be the BEST rifle option for those in "no centerfire" areas. None of the other current rimfire options come close.
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