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My point was that defending the sporting use of an AR is taking on a battle without the constitution behind you.

Funny....Dick Metcalf does it every month in his column "Modern Sporting Rifles" that runs in Guns and Ammo magazine. He also defends and promotes its use for hunting regularly on their TV show. In both of the examples tho, both Metcalf and the "Hambulance" driver are more validating the use of ARs for hunting than defending them for that purpose. No one here is claiming that hunting is the ONLY legitimate reason one owns a AR, just that is is ONE of those legitimate reasons. No one here is claiming the 2nd Amendment refers only to hunting firearms, but it certainly applies to them also. Same kinda goes for handguns. Overall, the majority of handguns owned in America have never been shot at a game animal, but hunting still is a valid reason to own one.
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