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Originally Posted by db4570
My thoughts exactly, Spats. With this in mind, I originally started looking for a gun with the exact operation as mt Beretta 92. I found a sweet S&W CS9 that works exactly the same: SA/DA, de-cocking safety flips up to fire. Only difference in operation was no exposed hammer for cocking (which I may change) and it has a mag safety. But I liked the fact that all of the basic operation is the same.

But it's bigger and heavier than what I want to carry, which led me to falling in love with the Ruger LCP, which operates completely differently. I don't like the idea of switching back and forth between pistols with different operation, but I suppose people do it all the time.
db4570, there are some folks who do switch carry pistols. However, I think that most of us recognize the dangers of switching between different manuals of arms in doing so. I think your hesitation in switching between carry pistols with differing methods of operation is prudent.

I also think that looking for something that works in exactly the same way as some other pistol with which you're familiar (the Beretta, in your case) is also a good idea. For me, I would never carry a pistol with a decocker and a safety that goes up to fire. Why? Because it's not what I'm used to. Plain and simple. I know of no reason on the "engineering side of the equation" that would make me dislike either of those features. I'm sure they work exactly like they're supposed to. I also know that they work differently from the pistols I carry.
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