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So a brand new Ithaca 37 or a new to you Ithaca 37 ?

1. left handed safeties are available for used / or new. they only cost around 11.00 or so...

2. which gauge ?

3. you do know that the barrel lug prevents you from adding a tube extension, without getting a barrel with a corresponding relocated lug, then you can't use the old ones with the new mag tube on....

4. the measurements have changed slightly on the new guns if that is what you are thinking (ie: new). I have 10 Ithacas, 6 16ga and 4 12ga and they all fit fine, the new ones I had to tip the barrel up to be able to rack the slide

so you need to try before you buy.....

5. they are more expensive than say an 870. a 12ga 870 field gun is $300.00 to $330.00 at Dick's or other larger volume retailer, a new Ithaca 37 12ga field gun is $800 to $850 (sometimes a little less depending on the place) but that is a good average based on the ones I have seen for sale around here (I live 80 miles from the Ithaca factory and there are a few gun stores that carry them)

6. a used gun is going to be correspondingly as expensive, 300.00 to 350.00 for a decent used one

7. if you are buying used, be aware that prior to serial nbr 855,000 Ithacas used barrel threads with a "pitch" to them, the newly manufactured barrels will not fit as they have what are essentially parallel grooves.

Ithaca charges 180.00 to machine in and install a bushing to allow the use of new barrels, of course then the old ones are not usable anymore

Ithaca 37's are my favorite shotgun, especially the 16ga variety. They are light, easy to carry, quick to point. There are no fragile pieces inside the mechanism and will easily last your lifetime.

My oldest is a 1948 and it shows hardly any wear on the internal mechanisms
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