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Originally Posted by reynolds357
The .220 Swift and .22-250 are about 1000x more useful than the .204. They are about 400 FPS faster as well. Supposedly the barrel life on the .204 will be a little better than the .22s, but I dont know anyone who has shot one enough to find out.
I think you had better go back and check your velocities, if you're beating the .204 by 400 FPS you have some way hot loads. I've found the .204 more useful in prairie dog towns because I can simply get more rounds off before I have to let my barrel cool. I haven't found a coyote yet that will shrug of a properly placed 32-40 grain bullet out of a .204 either.

Now if you're hunting deer sized game then I'd have to agree that the .22's are more useful.
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