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I have yet to see confirmed, fact or otherwise a scientific law which would attest that any gun laws )in this case we are discussing gun restriction laws and not laws which protect freedoms ) have ever prevented crime.

This does not include various peer reviewed articles supporting various hypothesis on the correlation of gun laws and lessoned crime.

Right now we see adults between 18 and 21 denied a right to protect themselves by claiming they have no right to own a handgun at that age. So basically a young lady by herself out in public can easily be checked off by a predator as being someone that at best is armed by pepper spray or a stun gun.

That is sad really. Growing up in the 80s I had in my possession a marlin model 60, a 20 gauge shotgun and a marlin 22 magnum bolt action all at the tender age of 16. At 15 I owned my first gun, a springfield single shot rifle. I stored them in MY room, unsecured in a gun rack. I had my first handgun by my late teens. Was it illegal? I don't know and at the time I frankly didn't care because no one was peeking over my shoulder or taking a 500 dollar payment to turn me in.

Today's societal culture is surreal to a person like me. I have to struggle through culture shock every day. Stuff goes on the likes my generation would have never imagined.

A convicted felon who has done his time has to find a way to protect his family the same as anyone else. Unless of course he is no longer one of the "people". To deny him and his family one of the most basic rights ( a right to life)i.e. a way to protect that life) is a horrible act in my opinion.

Most gun laws do nothing to reduce crime... and we all know it.

Bad guys will get guns even if they have to manufacture a 12 gauge zip gun from a piece of pipe. They will steal if they have to or kill to get one.
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