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thanks everyone for your reply's. ive decided to go with a M1A.
My reasoning:
1: Ive got a little trigger time on a M1A and ive loved every second of it
2: accuracy seems to be about the best out of the options that i have been given (not including the AR-10, see next reason)
3: ive got 2 AR's already, not really interested in an AR-10 right now. though i may get a wild hair and build one some day
4: not in a very good spot to be buying anything $$ wise right now (school loans to pay off) but i do have a budget i can build up enough money to get exactly what i want in a year or two.
5: as a realoder/hunter i could tailor any load to my fancy without having to worry about buying brass every other week.
again thank you all for your input. once i get my rifle and tailor it to my liking ill be sure to share it with all of you.
Happy early Easter!
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