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Waiting for the weather to turn

Had a blast at the range saturday! It was about 40 with a really warm sun. No gloves had to even take my hat off!

Both the 357s shot great. Did a string with speed loaders and put 12 of 15 on target in probably 10 seconds. For me i felt good about that at 10 yards. Had some good groups. Really like using dixie paper dinner plates as targets. Flip them around and bullets punch nice black holes in them. Cheap and can see shots every bit as good or better than splatter targets at 1/100th the cost.

Taurus 22lr was fun. Sure will cut down on shooting cost and thankfully have about 1500 rounds from a few years ago still left.

What i am most looking forward to is the snow gone so i can go to a gravel pit with no other people and do some different shooting. Like clay targets set up on a berm. Drawing from holster. Maybe for the fun of it some 50 yard or longer shooting. Just fun you cant have at a standard pistol range at a club.
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