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Too cold for the chronograph yet this weekend, but I fired some Pyrodex loaded .45 Colt for the fun of it.

Ahead of time I got my bore and chambers squeaky clean, then dry, then ran through a couple patches with some isopropyl alocohol, let that dry, then a couple patches with some of my bulelt lube smeared on.

I fired 30 some rounds, with lube cookie under the bullet as described above. Pretty darn smoky, but fouling was minimal - and consistent - from the first round to the last.

I was starting to have a little trouble getting fresh rounds seated in the chambers towads the end, I had some burnt lube build up in the shambers to contend with.

Got it home the bore and chambers cleaned up "easy-peasy" as my youngest used to say, two passes with patches soaked in hot sopay water, done. Crazy easy.

I did a complete teardown on the gun (Redhawk) looking for BP soot on my intricate metal bits. Pretty minimal, but I got busy with Qtips anyway.

The first time I shot BP I was using full length sized brass and I had a LOT of smoke blowback, no fun and a trouble to clean up. This time I used fire-formed brass and sized just enough of the neck to get good bullet pull. Much better.

I am hoping to load some 270 SAAs over lube cookie over Pyrodex this weekend, looks like I have to wait a while longer to get the chrono out though; still in the single digits up here, but without a minus sign on the front, mostly.

Soon I will run out of pyrodex. Made some charcoal, bought some sulfur, my wife has signed off on ball mill and fertilizer purchases. Looking forward to the real thing.
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