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Did I overpay for my Franchi SPAS 12?

I recently put a used Franchi SPAS 12 on layaway at my local gun shop after doing some research and came to the conclusion it would be a good investment. It was on consignment for $1500 but I had the gun store owner call and ask the owner of the firearm if he could let it go for $1250 and he said sure. I'm having trouble figuring out if this was a good price or not. At first I thought it was a fair price because of the rarity of these firearms since the AWB of 1994 prevented their importation and according to wikipedia only about 5% (around 1850) made it into the U.S. because of it and not to mention the "cool factor" and all this current AWB scare/craziness . After further research I found that the Blue Book of Gun Values (30th Ed.) says $675 for 100% condition and Standard Catalog of Military Firearms Collectors (4th Ed.) says $950 for NIB and $800 for excellent condition. I then looked on and found several variants listed from $800 all the way up to $1800 none of which were as desirable as the one I put on layaway except for maybe one so I am having difficulty deciding if I made a good decision or if I should have attempted to lower the price more . Any and all opinions and insight would be greatly appreciated. I attached the best photo I could take of the gun. It's in pretty good condition from what I could tell inspecting it at the store but its definitely not NIB or 100% condition
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