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I don't think the 1911 won the pistol trials to become the US army sidearm because of "politics" a "cover up" or some other conspiracy.
Me either and that wasn't a jab at the 1911. IMHO the 1911 is one of three viable choices. I would put the S&W hand ejector at a distant third. It has only ever been produced by one maker. They sell very few new ones. Yet the 1911 has been around almost as long, is produced by dozens of manufacturers and they still can't make them fast enough to keep up with demand. Same for the SAA, although in fewer numbers. Bearing in mind that virtually every single action revolver on the market today is based on it, including Ruger.

It was a jab at the Beretta M9 and the Glock. We all know what a questionable decision it was to issue the M9 and how many units are going back to .45's. How many agencies chose their weapons because they were the cheapest? Or even free??? Was the person making the decision even qualified to do so? What were the criteria?
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