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JimDandy said
I could come up with more that deal even more directly with the stereotypes of doomsday preppers, and quasi to fully terrorist "militia" organizations in Idaho, Montana and elsewhere,

The Militia movement picked up steam in the early 1990s. You can read about it here

The movement focussed on the increasing power of the federal government and encroachments on the RKBA. Gosh that sounds good, where do I sign up... ?

Unfortanately, the Militia movement found itself on the wrong side of public perception after the Oklahoma City terrorist bombing. No matter how they tried to distance themselves from Tim McViegh and Terry Nichols, the words that those two terrorists spouted sounded an awful lot like the preachings of the Militia movement.

I have 0% interest in associating with anyone who calls themselves a militia, or with anyone who is prepping for armegeddon, or for the end of government, or other such nonsense.
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