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Not funny, not weird.

I worked a stretch as a security guard part time moonlighting my pitiful Army salary back in the mid 80's. They tried me at several spots and then moved me to work at a liquor Store, (Columbus, GA.).

I had done a couple of weeks at this place and always wondered why the guys there never really tried to warm up to me at all. Anyway, I knew they all had guns stashed close to hand behind their registers and I had a cute little podium with a stool, and moved around a lot to pass time and all. The podium, the stool, my Uniform, badge, GP100 and all that stuff on my hip.

I never had an issue till one night this dude walks in ... with his hand up in the air ... with a holstered gun in the hand. Turns out he was a local bar owner, was short some stock, and need a few bottles to make it through the night. He drove a convertible and didn't want to leave his gun in it so he brought it in.

What struck me was that even with his best of intentions, of making that gun visible for all to see, he was 4 or 5 steps inside before I could cognitively realize that he had a gun in his hand.

It was at that time I realized what my real job at the liquor store was. I was the pop up target. I was the one who was supposed to take the heat so the others could get to their guns in time.

I quit.
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