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If all the laws were strictly and impartially enforced, there would be fewer laws in a very short time, and the existing laws would be far simpler and easier to understand. Folk would not stand for being hassled every time they turned around.

It would be a far better place if everytime some idjit jumped up and said, "Why there oughta be A LAW!!!!!111!!!", he or she was pummeled mercilessly for a full minute on the spot .......

Instead, we have hundreds of councils, boards, assemblies, committees, senates, and congresses and legislatures doing what comes naturally to folks that seek power: writing laws to codify that power.

...and the majority of those folks are Lawyers..... it seems to me to be a self perpetuating system ......

...... hmmmm ....are there not laws against "conflict of interest"? If those were enforced strictly, then Lawyers could not write laws, then, no?
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