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Plus 1, wind, Mace, OC....

As stated, the Mace & some OC formulas may not work correctly in strong winds, outdoors.
The new Zarc micro-spin is a step up, but bear in mind the limits any chemical agent can provide.
I'm not for the "key chain" or purse type deployment systems.
In a real high stress attack, a person will grab the OC or Mace & hose down a attacker or spray the can then flee.
A fluid oz or 1.5oz isn't going to cut it. Unless you are RoboCop or a T-500 Cyborg you'll dump the agent or douse the subject then scoot out.

For ref, I'd suggest reviewing or having your female family members review the recent baseball bat attack in downtown Orlando Fl.
2 young women in a "nice area" were exiting a condo when a whacko with a bat charged at them. Neither woman was armed or had a EDW/chemical agent.
The male(who had a violent criminal record) wore dress clothes too.

It may be on or .

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