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Originally Posted by Gone_Now
how will he know what SHOULD be "covered"? And what is a waste of time and money for him. A lot of this stuff currently being sold as "training" is never going to matter for a civilian. It's wannabe SWAT stuff. And how would he know what "credentials" matter? Having been a cop or a soldier doesn't mean that a guy can teach well. Ditto their having done well at matches, having been successful hunters, and so on.

I suggest that first he ask his library to order some books on the subject, a couple by Massad Ayoob, a couple more by John Farnum. google for Paladin Press, search for defensive shooting there, use the ISBN numbers, titles, and author info so obtained to get the books via your local library. :-)
It is my sincere hope that nothing that I ever learn in a Self-Defense class ever comes to matter one whit to me. So what? Does that mean that I shouldn't take a handgun class focused on SD?

We don't really have any idea from the OP how much experience abherbitter has with firearms. It could range anywhere from "I just bought my first BB gun" to "been shooting for 25 years, just never had any instruction." He may be in a position to judge what sorts of topics will be useful for him. As for judging the credentials, would you suggest that he simply not ask? What good will that do him?
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